The Secret World Innsmouth Academy

Due to the nature of ability system in the Secret World, where the player can combine or have thousands and thousands of different combinations of abilities. It’s really important that players have the gear to really support the abilities that they’re playing with. If you’re playing as a healer, you want healer stats on your gear, and if your build revolves around critical hitting, you want critical hit chance on your gear. This crafting system is a support tool for the players as they’re playing through the game. It is called Transcribing, and it’s basically taking the item, breaking it down, learning how it works, then putting it back together with the stats that you want on the item.

For example, if you want to play with hammers. Your build revolves around critical hits and penetrating strikes, so you want that type of stats on your gear. You have one hammer but it doesn’t have any of the stats you want on it. What you have to do is to follow the process of increasing the quality level of this hammer but also adding those stats to it. Next, you have to open up the Transcribing window, and break down the hammer by pull it in the transcribing box and disassemble it.

The Secret World TranscribingThen you will get some materials laid out in the shapes of a hammer. The shapes that you form here in this grid define the item type, and the type of materials define what sort of stat goes on that item. You are going to take this metal, called sacred metal. As I said before, you want to upgrade the quality level of this hammer so you have to refine this metal by putting a stack of it in, assembling it, and out comes pure metal. Pure metal is a better form of metal, far better than sacred metal. You’re going to put this in your inventory. Luckily enough, you have looted some pure metal from before, so now you’re going to create an upgraded version of the hammer from putting all the pure metal back in in the shape of a hammer, and you have to add a weapon assembly kit to increase the quality level of the hammer. As you hit assemble, we get a blue rare hammer with increased weapon powers. Now you have a really good hammer, but you still don’t have the crit rating and the penetration rating that you want on the item.

All items in the Secret World guide consist of multiple items; prefixes, cores, and suffixes. Players can create these different items by themselves. What you’re going to do now is to create a prefix, which has penetration rating and critical rating, the important stats for your hammers. What you have to do is to add material that increases penetration rating and material that increases critical The Secret World Transcribing 2rating. You put it in the shape of a prefix. You’re going to add the prefix assembly kit, because that’s what we’re making, and then hit assemble. Out comes a glyph of ferocity. That glyph is the prefix item, and this item you can combine with many different items, any different core, any different shocker or weapon type, put this in an inventory, and combine it with the hammer that you already made and upgraded. When you hit assemble, you get a fierce hammer. You see the name changes. It has really good weapon power having the stats, the critical rating and the penetration rating that you wanted. Keep in mind that, the better your weapon is, the faster your secret world leveling will be.

This is a really nice support tool for the players to get the right kind of stats on the item that they want. It’s made to be able to supplement their build to sort of really support the build that they’re running with. Having a healthy economy in MMO is really important, and transcribing will be a crucial part of the economy in the game since players can create parts of an item or create full items, and they can trade with each other. They can sell them on the trade posts or give it to their friends if they want to be nice.

Transcribing in The Secret World can be further read at this website which offers a literal step-by-step guide. The Secret World reference manual contains a full list of transcribed items along with how to use the correct prefixes and suffixes to enhance your weaponry.